Click below to see the MVP demo! – Try asking it for food and wine pairings or just say hi and follow the steps

We are ramen.Labs.

Our team specialises in building digital and software products including gen-AI solutions. 

What can we do for the wine industry:

In the sea of wine choices and hyper competition, wine makers and retailers need to provide customers with personalized offers via a user-friendly interface. 

We built a gen-AI assistant solution which does exactly that. 

We offer the assistant as a Whitetelabel product – wine producers or retailers can use their own brand + we customise the product based on their business requirements.

Reach out if you want to discuss further or to demo a more advanced version of our chatbot: contact: [email protected]

Scaling your chatbot – further possible extensions:

Possible to train on your own data: Use any data input you want (Our demo uses custom is trained on custom Sommelier data but it’s also possible to train on your FAQs etc).

Do different workflows: E.g. add customer service use cases, e.g. get information on delivery, returns, sales etc.